Why making a short film can help you in promoting your business

short film can help you in promoting your business

It is an understatement to say, that videos are everywhere. With so many video content platforms churning a myriad of video each day; making short films can be a great way to put across a message to not just your target audience but to a whole spectrum of people out there on the internet.  It is also currently the most interesting way of distinguishing yourself from the rest. Whether you are a small business or a multinational, the possibilities a short films can provide are endless.

But firstly, it is vital to understand the difference between a brand video and a short film. Many businesses painstakingly confuse the two and end up using the former path to promote their business. Not realising that there is a striking difference between the two.

Short films are not Ads

Many brands create branded video content in order to promote their product/ service or to put across a special message catering their business purpose. But little do they realise that consumers are averse to advertisements and tend to skip the ads across every medium. They switch channels on television and radio and click on ‘Skip the Ad’ button on video content platforms the minute an ad is placed. Eventually, short films become there the go-to format for reaching out to their audiences. Not only does it gather more affinity by also a voluntary participation from a viewer which is otherwise missing in vague product placements or during interruptive ads.

Short Films strike a chord

Apart from being innovative, brands are also looking at being refreshing, relevant and realistic for their consumers. Short films give them the much-needed leverage to connect with their consumers and create a compelling experience that is not possible through ads. Clever, and profoundly thought-provoking, short films create a certain emotion that lingers long after the film is over. It can be a light-hearted romance, dramatic, a real-life inspiration, entertaining or even thrilling; it tends to touch the right chords. There is a strong human connection with the consumer.

More scope for Creativity

Gone are the days when the brand had to perform under the constraints of the 30- to 60-second spots.  Starting from 4-5 min to even 10-20min a good plot and a catchy storyline does wonder in pulling viewers in and retaining them longer. Filmmakers and brands also get a freeway to unleash ideas that don’t tend to make it to the big screen.

Better chances of going Viral

There is a lot of clutter in terms of content and competition. Chances are that more you see something or the more you notice the more interest it tends to create in the consumer’s mind. These high-quality short films can be released on brands own digital channel or across several social media channels and video content platforms. Considering that an audience between 13 to 25 tends to spend more time watching short films on digital devices they are more prone to social sharing,  through the “ Like, Share and Subscribe” option. Once the video has caught the attention of a majority of viewers, they make sure they keep your brand alive not only on the internet but also in public consciousness.

Short films are currently the best mediums to build a qualitative brand recall. It has the power to make people sit up and take notice.  The best part, anyone can catch it online during lunch break or while commuting, or even during toilet breaks.  Short films do not necessarily have to touch strong topics; they can be a feel-good film where a hero is necessarily a common man and not the brand itself. But yes the plug-in is a subconscious effort that ensures that the proposed message has been clearly received.   Short films are the new wave of marketing strategies that customers actually want to watch and to engage with. Therefore by betting on this effective strategy, brands will be able to create something more relatable and authentic.


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