Understanding 4G: Why it matters

4G Internet plans

Are you still working with a 3G connection? This article explains why you should graduate to 4G, pronto.

It was a big deal a few years ago. When the 2G spectrum first came out, people marvelled at the fast data speeds it provided. Then came 3G, and those who made the switch from the earlier spectrum to the new one marvelled even more. It seemed like nothing could top the awesomeness of the 3G spectrum.

Then 4G came along, and mobile phones have not been the same ever since.

Every mobile service provider offered a free switch from 3G to 4G networks when the latter first came out. Most users did make the switch, but unbelievably, some didn’t. The reasons were many: they didn’t use their phones that much, they were quite content with the services and speeds provided, and they didn’t need higher data speeds and quota that came with 4G.

But if you are still working with a 3G connection, you are really missing out on the excellence of a 4G Internet plan. Read on to know why.

What is the 4G spectrum?

The legend ‘G’ in the stands for the term ‘Generation’, which means ‘edition’ or ‘iteration’ in terms of mobile technology. It is a term that denotes a successive edition in the mobile spectrum.

Thus, the higher the spectrum, the more superior it is in terms of speeds, data, uptime, upload and download, and even bandwidth. It is just like owning an iPhone – the iPhone 6s is better than the iPhone 4, while the iPhone 8 is better and more feature-packed than the iPhone 6s.

It follows that 4G Internet plans offer a much superior spectrum than 3G, in terms of –

  • Faster, denser data transfer rates due to their end-to-end IP feature. This makes it more pleasurable and simpler to watch movies, do online trading on the stock markets, or stream live events and programmes. You can easily get up to 10x higher speeds on the 4G network as compared to 3G networks.
  • Higher bandwidth since the 4G Internet planspectrum is an LTE (Long Term Evolution) network, which the 3G is not. The latter, thus, does not have the same functional capabilities as the 4G spectrum does.
  • Peak speeds of 100 Mbps and more, based on the network provider. For instance, Airtel postpaid offers usual speeds of 100 Mbps on its 4G networks. Meanwhile, the fastest 3G speeds are not above 70 Mbps.
  • You can make a switch from 3G to 4G Internet plans without any effort or payment of fees. Just ask your mobile provider to switch you over and follow their instructions.
  • You can get 4G Internet plans for both postpaid and prepaid connections, with no difference in features or capabilities in both.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of having an 4G phone connection, have you considered switching over to the cool side yet?

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