Top 5 Places To Check Out In Taupo

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Located right in the centre of New Zealand’s desirable North Island, Taupo boasts a terrific mix of adrenaline-rush outdoor activities, stunning scenery, and relaxation. This combination has been drawing scores of travellers to the region for many years and it won’t take long to see why. Many call Taupo the best mix of New Zealand, offering all of the features the country is best known for all in one. The massive lake Taupo would be an attraction all by itself, but when you consider there are also wild rapids, lush forests, and geothermal baths galore, you truly have the best of all worlds rolled into one destination. This is what campervan rentals new zealand is all about, so make sure to block off a good amount of time in Taupo on your next road trip through the wilds of New Zealand.

Whether you are looking to take on outdoor activities and have an active stay or are simply looking to kick back and observe some stunning scenery, definitely make sure to check out these sights on your trip.

Lake Taupo

It is tough to avoid Lake Taupo when in this region due to its massive size. This lake is absolutely gorgeous and offers the opportunity to engage in some of the best sailing the world has to offer. If you are an experienced sailor you can rent a rig and head out yourself, and for those less experienced there are guided tours and even lessons. You can even just hang out on shore and watch one of the stunning sunsets that this area is known for.

One of the top sights at Lake Taupo is to check out the Maori carvings. These carvings are accessible by boat and will give you a great feel for the spiritual significance and native history of this land. There are a number of local tours that will take you right to them, and lone sailors can check them out for themselves at their own leisure.

Craters of the Moon

This landscape can truly make you feel as if you are walking on the moon’s surface, featuring eerie rock formations and an otherworldly atmosphere that has to be experienced to be believed. This is only a 45 minute hike, so even non-experienced hikers will be able to make the trip. Along the way you will see steaming craters, mud pools bubbling from beneath the surface, and unbelievable panoramic views over the surrounding regions. The various minerals combine to form an unreal array of colours on the rock formations, making for a truly unique landscape and a hiking experience that would be hard to find anywhere else in the world. No matter what you plan on doing in the Taupo region, make sure to keep Craters on your list.

Rapids Road

The Taupo region is known as one of the top spots for white water rafting in New Zealand, which is really saying a lot considering the fact that New Zealand has long been considered one of the top rapids spots in the world. Here the brave and experienced can set out on their own in a rented boat and hit the rapids themselves, or a less experienced rapids enthusiast can take a tour. Either way it is highly recommended that you do so, since this stretch offers up some of the most legendary stretches of white water to be found anywhere on the planet. Many rafting enthusuasts travel from all over the world just to experience these waters, so anyone on a campervan rentals New Zealand journey is most definitely going to want to plan a stop at the rapids region.

Orakei Korako

If you thought the Craters Of The Moon was special, then just wait until you come across this cave and thermal park that will truly take your breath away with its stunning scenery. Here you will find active geysers that burst forth from the ground, unbelievable colored rock formations, and miles of incredible views. Hikers have claimed this region makes them feel as if they are walking on a foreign planet, and there is truly no hike like this anywhere else in the world.

This region also features one of the only known geothermal caves. Ruatapu Cave stretches over 35 meters and has a crystal clear pool at its bottom. Tis area has been known to be a lot less touristy and crowded as well, making for an unrushed experience in one of the most unique landscapes you will ever walk through.

Huka Falls

There is a reason Huka Falls is one of New Zealand’s most visited attractions. This is the point where all of the region’s water goes cascading into Lake Taupo, and the effect is absolutely stunning. Here the water appears to turn an abundance of vivid colors, falling into the lake from great heights. Visitors have been known to spend hours simply staring at this natural wonder, and you can do this same if you make the right choice and check out Huka Falls while in the region.

Boasting unbelievable natural sights and unique geothermal landscapes, the Taupo region is an absolute must for campervan rental New Zealand travellers. No matter your route, if travelling on the North Island you will be well advised to hit up Taupo.

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