Tips to Kill Monotony While Waiting at Mumbai’s T2 Airport

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Tired of waiting for the arrival of the American Airlines flight because you arrived too early? This could be a bummer as spending time at the airport could be quite boring at times. Moreover, it tends to be more frustrating when you are alone and do not want to just stick up with mobile doodling!

Mumbai’s T2 Airport receives and sends international flights, including Mumbai to Port Blair flights. So, generally this terminal witnesses international travelers coming to and forth for their overseas travel, business tours, etc. If you are one of them waiting at T2, and are thinking what else you can do besides staring at the fellow passengers because you know nothing about Mumbai’s T2 Airport, then stop sighing. Interestingly, there are many ways you can pass your time at this international terminal.

The following suggestions shall guide you all about what you can do while waiting at Mumbai’s T2 Airport; these tips include where to eat, what to eat, how to spend your time and where to shop.

  • Eat to kill the boredom of waiting

Travelers who prefer food as a remedy can eat at many food joints at Mumbai T2 Airport. There are food joints, including Punjab Grill, Meeso Kitchen $ Bar, Flamez n Roasted, Nizam and Irani Café to drool over. These places have a signature-styled menu with top serves like Green Thai Curry, Popular Rolls, Mexican delights and Mumbaikars’ favorite Bun Maska.

  • Ladies, T2 has Top picks from famous fashion houses in Mumbai

Mumbai’s T2 Airport grants the wish of a shopaholic by hosting several shopping outlets with top picks of the fashion industry. The shopping outlets including The Lotus House, The Chennai Silks, Paul&Shark, Amrapali and Michael Kors. However, if you are more into collecting souvenir and shopping without a reason, then Jaya He Museum Store, Forest Essentials’, Hamleys, and Pure Home+Living will attract you more.

  • Something else to spend your time- be the gamer

If neither eating nor shopping attracts you then you might want to chill out at one of the leisure zones present at the terminal. There are places, including The Travel Club, O2 Spa, Heaven on Earth Spa, and GVK Lounge Domestic to stay, to enjoy and to relax for the quality time you are at the airport before getting into Mumbai to Port Blair flights.

Also, American Airlines travelers with kids can let their kids enjoy the games at Flight Stimulator, Jungle Safari, etc. The T2 terminal also offers a dedicated kids play area to enjoy, and therapy dogs to play and interact with travelers to reduce their travel stress.

It is evident that the T2 terminal has something for everyone in terms of dining, gaming, shopping, and other avenues to kill boredom. So, the next time you are at Mumbai’s T2 Airport, make sure to make the most of the vast opportunities to pass the time in case you are stuck for some hours.

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