The World Needs a Man Like Pastor Chris

The World Needs a Man Like Pastor Chris

While listening to the spiritual words of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, a person will immediately feel uplifted and inspired. It is as if he is speaking directly to you. He is a Christian man of God who teaches of the Word of God and Jesus Christ.

Pastor Chris is known throughout the world as a preacher and a great religious leader. He is from Nigeria. His broadcasts are heard globally by the loyal members of his congregation. The Pastor holds live services frequently throughout the year. One such event was recently held in the United States.

The Pastor Chris Live USA event was held on December 31, 2017. The enormous crowd was enamored with him as his words rang out to them loud and clear. He magnificently shared his inspiring words of faith and healing. The Pastor is known for his works of healing through prayer. Those who attended the Live USA event, as well as the millions of people who watched it online, will long remember this heartwarming event.

Pastor Chris was born in Nigeria in 1963. He is the father of two adult children. He has a Doctorate in Theology and Pneumatology. Pastor Chris is the founder and the head of Christ Embassy Church in Lagos, Nigeria. While the church maintains its headquarters there, it consists of many churches throughout the world. The congregation is made up of millions of members.

The Pastor has authored many books over the years. They teach of the study of the Christian religion. Pastor Chris writes of the Bible of Jesus Christ. He writes of the great healing power he has been blessed with by God and Jesus. His written words are somehow just as empowering as his spoken words. That is indeed a rare gift.

He also runs his renowned school for healing. It serves as a Healing School Prayer Network for congregation members and non-members alike. Devotional healing prayers are offered by Pastor Chris, and they are just one more way he reaches out to all. The school also offers live events.

For instance, a Healing Prayer Conference is scheduled for Autumn of 2018. The conference will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa. The school offers healing sessions yearly at the Johannesburg location and in Canada as well. All are welcome to attend, or if you prefer you can go online to take part in the devotional prayers for healing. You can also watch the televised program called “Enter the Healing School with Pastor Chris”. Viewers get the opportunity to see and hear video testimonials by those who have witnessed the miracle of healing in their own lives. Pastor Chris can be seen by television viewers around the world.

Pastor Chris has accomplished so many good things in his lifetime. He has had a divine gift to give even in his young life. The man is a philanthropist. He gives so much back to the needy, the sick and the poor by helping gain hope and inspiration. He helps communities recover from loss. The Pastor has made a lifetime commitment to improve lives by teaching all Christians the importance of having Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit live within them.

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