The Best Pharma CRM Systems to Choose and Implement

The Best Pharma CRM Systems to Choose and Implement

CRM solutions are unique systems designed to improve your business processes, as well as interactions with your customers. These steps are crucial in every industry, especially for those that have more customers. One of these industries is definitely thepharmaceutical. Managing relationships with customers is crucial in this industry as they are not only customers, but patients who need more care, attention and efficiency, and turning them into leads and building long term relationships is of great importance.

More and more pharmaceutical companies and organizations are turning to customer relationship management to manage their processes more effectively and achieve better results than ever before. Pharmaceutical industry is definitely a complex one and it needs more attention, better organization and the best management possible.CRM software systems help companies organize their workflow easier and in more productive ways by managing contacts, leads and automating various processes. We have compiled a list of the best Pharma CRM Systems that you can implement to develop your industry-specific business.


Bpm’online is a process-driven CRM system used in almost every industry to leverage marketing and sales and to improve the service provided. This CRM tool is a perfect one especially for pharmaceutical firms, as it provides every tool to automate and optimize your business processes and be closer to your clients. With Bpm’online you can organize your contacts and databases, manage your customer lifecycles, coordinate campaigns, and reach your customers via different communication channels to make stronger and long-lasting relationships with them. This solution pays special attention to customer care, which is the key to success in this industry.

Bpm’online can be accesses via web browser or its mobile app, which makes it flexible and even more efficient.


Base is another good CRM use for your pharmaceutical business. This solution is based on mobile as well as web, you can sync on mobile devices and desktop computers,which is a really great advantage for any firm to be engaged with their customers from anywhere anytime. Another powerful features and tools include contact and client management, integration opportunities, custom templates and spreadsheets, channel management, tracking, monitoring and analytics, lead management and tracking, reporting tools and a sales pipeline. That’s not all. It allows you to record calls and automatically log calls and emails to contacts.


LeadMaster is an all-in-one pharma CRM solution used to organize your contacts, optimize work with clients, track, nurture and manage your leads easily and effectively. This solution is used by a range of pharmaceutical businesses all over the world to leverage their business and improve interactions. This management solution offers such unique opportunities to implement as client relationship management, sales force and marketing automation, analytics, dashboards and landing pages, email marketing and much more.

The system is rather easy-to-use; it is intuitive, flexible and productive. The results are always measurable and the customers – happy. What concerns support, the high level is seen here also.

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