The best gifts made by fans to stars!

gifts made by fans to stars

This is often the case, fans love to offer gifts to their idols. From the cute to the craziest, we have prepared you a top of the gifts to not miss!

Whether they are made from their little hands or bought in stores, the stars love to receive gifts from their fans. So yes, sometimes it is super touching and it moves us to see how people are happy to receive these small objects, but sometimes some are quite … Bizarre! Here are the top gifts made by fans to stars not to be missed!

The winner of the most cute gift: Justin Timberlake

In concert in New York, a ten-year-old boy gave her a gift on stage. The little boy, a fan of the singer since the age of two, offered him a … Bow tie! Justin Timberlake was so touched that he wanted to thank him on stage for the “best gift of the world” . Then he launched a “I love you” , very moved before his audience. So cute!

Taylor Swift dressed for the winter with a superb handmade gift!

The American singer posted on Instagram a picture of her wearing a gift offered by a fan on a date of her tour. She gave Taylor Swift’s mother a nice hand-knitted sweater on which you can see a Polaroid of the singer. Taylor Swift touched hurriedly to put on a photo to thank the fan. Plus, it looks so sweet!

Are Frero Delavega gourmet?

The stars often receive food as a gift, such as candy or sweets. The duo Frero Delavega has not escaped the rule. They were offered macaroons. Until now, nothing extraordinary except that … On each macaroon was inscribed “Frero Delavega” with a small heart. Too cute not? Personalized macaroons, which breathe love, is hard not to be greedy in this situation!

The fans of Selena Gomez prefer to offer useful gifts!

On the side of the singer pop Selena Gomez, the best gift we have recorded is not really … cute but rather super funny! On one of her birthdays, Selena Gomez received from her fans a roll of toilet paper filled with lovers’ words from her fans, entirely! She said, “Okay, I have to use it or not? » Huum, good question Selena …

Tom Felton surprised by the unconditional love of his fans

But we kept the best for the end … A gift at once cute but just as crazy. And the actor of Harry Potter received 200! But what is it? Tom Felton has confessed to having received 200 applications for adoption! And yes, the unconditional love of fans is sometimes difficult to measure.

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