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The popular maxim says curiosity is an ugly defect! It is at the heart of your success and will help you – in many ways – during a job interview and in your professional career. The search for a job in the world of fashion requires to have an excellent culture and to be regularly informed of the evolutions and news in this sector. You have a duty to be curious.

But the many news of this industry require some good advice and a little organization to not miss anything. Here are the 7 tricks of Show Must Go On to make an intelligent and effective watch in the world of Fashion .

1 – Consult the specialized sites and publications

The Business of Fashion site is an excellent source for free, with very specialized topics and well documented articles. You can also consult the websites of major newspapers such as the Financial Times, Les Echos, Le Monde or Le Figaro, which also publish information in this area.

Despite the fierce competition they face, large print publications like Vogue or L’Officiel still remain references. Go to a well stocked bookstore – like WH Smith in Paris – or online, to find your favorite magazines. During your reading, do not forget to take a few notes so you do not forget anything.

2 – Follow the influencers

Traditional media are no longer alone in delivering information. It is undeniable that bloggers or Instagrameurs are “trend setters” to follow! Depending on the domain you are looking for, identify the right people and build a qualified base of profiles to follow on social networks. You can create “lists” on Twitter (see point 4) to follow these influencers according to their themes of predilection. Keeping up-to-date on the major events they are invited to and the new advertising campaigns in which they participate is a real plus for your fashion business culture.

3 – Stay alert with the right tools

Depending on your interests, create alerts on Google Alerts and Google News on specific keywords and receive the news directly in your mailbox. You can also subscribe to daily newsletters such as Business of Fashion for fashion news, as well as the newsletter of Show Must Go On to find out all the news from the industry’s top companies.

To optimize your digital watch at points 1 and 2 – and make your life easier – create an account on an RSS aggregator such as Feedly , Flipboard  or on a content cure site like to gather all the news in the same place Without having to visit each site every day. Indeed, according to your interests (pages liked on social networks, people followed …), you benefit daily from targeted and personalized content. You can also use tools like Pocket  (Chrome extension) to save the most interesting articles and / or read them later, or automate your watch with IFTTT . This will save you precious time!

4 – Exploit social networks

Social networks are an open-pit mine for the gold digger you are. Twitter is by far the best network to keep an active watch on an area. Follow the people, brands and media of the field you are interested in, and use Tweetdeck to manage your account and make lists based on your interests (fashion shows, fashion, fashion, etc.). These lists can group similar accounts, each tweet mentioning a predefined hashtag, each tweet mentioning a specific account … Learn how to use good hashtags like #recruitment #mode #emploi, and follow the Twitter account of Show Must Go On to follow All our articles and vacancies.

5 – Participate in Events

A good watch is made so far from its keyboard: by events . The presence at a trade fair or during a Meetup Mode is a major asset to sniff the air of time and extend its professional network. Depending on your needs and desires, select the salon or Meetup that best suits your needs and prepare well upstream. For example, trade shows often organize very interesting conferences on specific subjects that animate the world of fashion. It is always rewarding to attend this type of event. Here are 4 fashion shows that count in Europe: Man / Woman, Who’s Next , Pure London, Pitti Uomo.

6 – Follow Fashion Weeks

Whether it is Milan, Paris, New York or London , the fashion week of a great capital is always an important moment. The succession of parades gives the tempo for months and years to come. Follow the latest shows on Vogue Runway or Fashion TV to not miss anything. Never forget to take notes and record your impressions on a small notebook, it allows to step back. The goal is to sharpen your eye and your fashion culture, to make it a great asset to put forward with a recruiter.

7 – Find your future employer directly in the shop

Buyers from major online stores such as Mr.Porter, Luisa Via Roma, Net-à-porter or niche shops like Colette or L’Eclaireur are always up to date with the latest trends and new brands to follow. They know everything that comes out, it’s their job! Keep up-to-date with the latest references in store to keep an eye on new products and possibly find the brand that will recruit you tomorrow!

Once you spot a brand you love , follow all of its social accounts and subscribe to its Newsletter to be sure not to miss anything about its news.

It is now up to you to play and sharpen your curiosity, while having an excellent organization to not miss anything of the exciting twists and turns of the Fashion Planet!

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