Temple Towns near Delhi

The Ganges first enters the Northern Plains at Haridwar

The temple towns of North India have for centuries charted the dynamics of the region, watched many civilizations rise and fall, and birthed spiritual movements that define Indian culture today. Visit these charming sites, where rituals and architecture blend with the confluence of devotees, and get a glimpse into the soul of an old civilization.


The birthplace of Lord Krishna and a historic hub of trade, Mathura has much to offer for the curious traveller. Explore narrow streets that crisscross amidst old structures, many with intricate carvings and designs showcasing a rich architecture. Mathura is home to many temples and important religious sites and some of the famous ones include the Shri Dauji Maharaj Mandir, famous for its Holi celebrations and the Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi. Other places in this historic city include the Mathura Museum.


Just 11 kms from Mathura, Vrindavan is considered to be the place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days. The town is also associated with spiritual leaders like Meera Bai and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. One of the oldest and most important temples here is the Madan Mohan Temple. The Meera Bai Temple is another important landmark of Vrindavan. These are just two of many other architectural and spiritual sites sprinkled around the town. Call up a Delhi to Vrindavan cab service to visit this temple town.


The Ganges first enters the Northern Plains at Haridwar, one of the holiest places of Hinduism. The ancient city is a gathering of humanity and is home to landmarks that have stood for centuries. One can witness a panoramic view of the entire city, especially beautiful in the evenings, from the heights of the Mansa Devi Temple. The sacred Ghat, Har ki Pauri is an important religious site on the banks of the Ganges, and one of the most vivid experiences can be had at the evening prayer for the river, where pilgrims float diyas on the water. Hire a taxi from Delhi to Haridwar and immerse yourself in one of India’s most important cultural sites.


A town with more than 20,000 temples, Varanasi is another holy city of Hinduism. For centuries, pilgrims have been visiting Varanasi and performing rituals on its hallowed banks. Some of the major temples include the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, the Durga Mandir and the Parshvanath Jain Temple. The Ramnagar Fort with its Mughal era architecture is one of the many historical sites of this city. The 18th century observatory, Jantar Mantar and the Ashoka Pillar are other places to visit.


Considered the birthplace of Lord Ram, Ayodhya is an ancient city mentioned in many Hindu text and scriptures, including the epic Ramayana. Some of the important places of worship in Ayodhya are the Hanuman Garhi and Ramkot. Nageshwarnath Temple is famous for its Shivratri celebrations. The Vijayraghav Mandir is another famous temple of Ayodhya.

With so much culture and heritage around, there are many itineraries to be planned and journeys to be made. An enriching experience is in store for those who venture into these ancient towns of Hinduism. From old temple architecture to the energy of the crowds, a trip to these temple towns will give you a glimpse of the diversity and living history of India. Start planning. Thanks to the easy availability of Delhi car rental, embarking on a journey to these spiritual spots is a simple affair.

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