Our tips to find the perfect Job for you

Our tips to find the perfect Job for you

Choose Your Own Career or Two 

As early as childhood, people ask “What do you want to do when you graduate?” Your initial childhood dream may not become your adult occupation. When you reach adulthood, you may find you want to branch out to add a career path or open a business. In all cases, you can easily determine your best career path.

Before delving into a second career or launching a business, keep in mind the following keys to success:

  1. Don’t quit your day job or first career.
  2. Plan your second career or business in detail, then execute the plan.
  3. Know that what you switch to is a passion you’ll commit to, not a pipe dream or something someone else wants you to do.

If you eventually want to transition to a single career, or business make sure you firmly and fully establish yourself successfully in the second before leaving the first. Also, whether choosing an initial or second career, passion and commitment are requirements. No career will offer fulfillment unless it makes you want to jump out of bed first thing in the morning and get right to it. Finding your passion foster career commitment and helps you devote the time necessary to achieving success. There is no point in doing anything half way or as a hobby. That won’t fulfill you or let you live well.

Discovering Your Talents

As a starting point, complete a few career quizzes to identify skill sets. Everyone has hidden talents.

Next, make a list of your favorite activities. Those fun things you enjoy doing like reading, running and taking pictures count.

Compare the two lists. Most career quiz results contain lists of potential careers related to the skills. For instance, the skills “paying close attention to details” and “good grammar” plus the hobby of reading would make a fine book editor. Go through your skill sets and hobbies in such a manner to discover your ideal potential first or second careers.

Getting Started

While starting out or starting a second career, you must stay motivated. Second careers make this tough because you may feel torn between existing success and money, and your future goals. Here are some tips to remain successful at career one while building career two (or founding your first):

  1. Find the value in what you already do. Focus on how it helps others. You may have opportunity to mentor others in the course of your job duties or to inspire others. Make that your motivating focus.
  1. Focus on your favorite aspects of your career. Do you enjoy working in large groups, on a small team, by yourself or with a partner? Pick the situation that fits you best and surround yourself with your favorite co-workers. Try to include as many favorite work activities as you can. You throw positive hobbies into the day, too. Love to run? Go for a run on lunch break with a work buddy.
  2. Find a meaningful way to volunteer. You’ll make a difference in people’s lives, impress your existing boss and find new fulfillment. If you enjoy cooking, volunteer at a soup kitchen. You can gain experience in cooking for large numbers, handy if you’d like to open a cafe or restaurant someday.
  1. Build strong career-related friendships. Having people you’re close to at work helps you enjoy your work more. You will benefit both of your careers and mental states. Work buddies help retain focus, enjoy tasks and make the day go faster.

Building Skills

Building the right skills for your initial or second career matters. You can easily do this while continuing with your first career.

  1. Read books on the subject.
  2. Take a class in the topic or some aspect of it.
  3. Practice it at night or on the weekends as a reward to yourself for a successful week at career one (or a reward for a well done week of college classes).

You may want to start an online business. Books abound on the topic, but start with biographies of those who achieved success. You’ll quickly realize failure happens and extreme motivated commitment is a requirement.

Perhaps you want to become a professional actor. Take acting classes at night. Hone your skills. You’ll build the ability to do it well while meeting contacts and building a network of others in the field.

Your growing skills and network lead to opportunities. Also, use nights and weekends to work in your second career or build your first while in school. You may want a second career as a photographer. Offer to shoot friends’ engagement, family or wedding pics after mastering basic skills through a couple of classes. You gain experience while spending time with friends.

Dream Jobs

While you’re working to build your skills, set goals. Look at companies in the area or industry in which you want to work. Find great companies with positive cultures to set as an ultimate goal.

You may want to combine helping people with web design, so your company search might lead to Youi NZ Jobs, an insurance firm. You may want to open a resale shop or sell hand made goods like those on Trade Me.

Start your job search well before your actual job hunt. Knowing which companies you want to work at helps you build the right skills and focuses your free time. Attend events that feature leadership of those companies as speakers. Introduce yourself after the speech and compliment your key takeaway.

Finding the right career or careers for you really means finding your passions. Success in anything requires long hours, devotion, hard work, training, and perseverance. Discovering what you do best means you won’t work a day in your life. Working with friends means you’ll enjoy your work day. Inspiring and motivating others provides fulfillment. Your career choice should make you jump out of bed in the morning and motivate you to work late every night. Discover it and do it.


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