Odisha Government supportive measures through MSME

Odisha Government supportive measures through MSME

“BijuAtmaNijuktiYojana” is a scheme name launched by the Odisha government. The scheme was named after the former Chief Minister Biju Patnaik. The main purpose of the scheme is providing subsidy and loans to self-employed youth in Odisha. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Secretary Panchanan Dash stated that the scheme draft was prepared and the same would be sent to the consensus of the Finance department of the state.

Dash told that the department aimed to generate one lakh jobs in MSME sector. He also stated that the government would bring in a procurement policy for all the state-level public sectors and all the departments.

He said that there would be a sub-target of 4% for procurement from SMEs owned by the SC, ST entrepreneurs. It was expected that the procurement policy would end up within 2-3 months. Sources informed that the policy was awaiting the approval of the finance department and after the approval the same would be put before the cabinet. Besides, Jobsin Odisha is helps the educated people even in self-employment.

Recently the Odisha government decided to extend the retirement and death benefits of its employees who joined in the state government service after 1st January 2005. It had been informed that this move would benefit 4.8 lakh Odisha government employees. These employees would be covered by the newly contributed pension scheme which is also known as the National Pension System.As per the new scheme, all the new scheme employees would be entitled to 26 months of salary at the retirement time or death during service.

Odisha govt jobs seekers demanded to increase the upper age limit for all state government jobs. They demanded the government to increase the age from 32 to 42 years for the benefit of the unemployed youth of the state Odisha.

“AsayiChatraChatriParishad” (aspirant students’ council) said other states in India had increased the upper age limit for all state government jobs, whereas Odisha has not yet taken any action regarding the upper limit age issue.

Odisha Government announced various Schemes for Women and Child.

Odisha Government Women and Child development implemented various scheme programs such as social welfare schemes, Health and Nutrition, Women Empowerment scholarship, Women health volunteers, Anganwadi workers, Lactating mother, Old age women, Women entrepreneurs, Adolescent girls, Women from rural and tribal areas, physically challenged, Ex-servicewomen, Widows/destitute.

A special assistance is also given to the SC and ST women and child, Other Backward Class (OBC), Minority Category and below poverty line(BPL) and Socially and Educationally Backward Classes(SEBC). The assistance is provided in the forms of self-employment, Subsidy on the loans, Financial assistance/Cash, Nutrition, Education, Training, and others.

The schemes have been initiated in order to:

  • Guard Women from Domestic Violence
  • Support Women Empowerment
  • Child Care and Child Sex Ratio
  • For child development, women empowerment and their protection
  • Promote gender justice, gender equality and women development and empowerment
  • Ensure women’s economic, social and political empowerment, promoting their leadership and participation and fulfillment of their rights.

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