Jim Feldkamp: Provides Valuable Insight On Terrorism and Counter-terrorism

Jim Feldkamp: Provides Valuable Insight On Terrorism and Counter-terrorism

Terrorism is the use of threat or violence to further a political cause. Even though it might seem that the act of terrorism across the globe has increased to a great extent in recent decades, in most areas of the world it continues to be a relatively uncommon event and to a certain extent it is focused in specific regions or countries of instability.

Jim Feldkamp: The renowned educator of domestic and international terrorism

Terrorism can be classified into two groups such as domestic and international terrorism. Domestic terrorism comprises acts of fear which are performed by individuals who are located in and work from the United States. In addition, the work of a domestic terrorist are only intended to the United States. Conversely, international terrorism is a form of terrorism which involves acts of fear performed by persons allied with foreign countries. The works of international terrorism is usually to further a social or political objective.

Jim Feldkamp is a Commander, USN Retired who right now is associated as a professor at Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security and George Mason University where he teaches the lessons of terrorism. He has knowledge not only in terrorism but also counter-terrorism, He explains that counter-terrorism is basically that act which is planned to prevent or stop terrorism. Counter-terrorism may include the task of keeping a close tab on potential terrorists, identifying individuals who may be becoming radicalized fast and providing at risk people and buildings with added safety and security.

He has over twenty years of Federal government and military experience and specializes in foreign policy and international security policy initiatives. He is famous for leading a thriving international outreach and coordination initiative to enhance maritime security and maritime domain awareness (MDA). Additionally, Feldkamp has more than ten years of experience of teaching at the university level covering topics related to terrorism, trans-national crimes, international security and counter-terrorism.

Jim is an accomplished speaker, trainer, and subject matter expert on international security on terrorism and counter-terrorism trends. He has been invited to lecture at over twenty five major international symposiums and conferences. He has been the author and editor of the book, ‘Theory and Politics of Terrorism’ which is actually a wide-ranging assessment of the various features of terrorism. The book inspects the occurrence of violence by focusing at the concepts and causes behind it, in addition to the roles of religion, public relations, and politics.

As far as the educational qualification of Jim Feldkamp is concerned he is an M.A. degree holder in international affairs from the Catholic University of America and is a graduate of the Naval War College. In the year 1991 Feldkamp take off to fight missions off the aircraft carrier. Post associating with the U.S. Naval Reserves, Feldkamp served for the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Special Agent and a confirmed member of the Joint Counter Terrorism Task Force which is located in Norfolk, Virginia.  Afterward, he put down his resignation from the FBI to turn out to be the Republican contender for District 4 Congressional seat in Oregon during the 2004 and 2006 voting phase.

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