Ideas on How to Pick a Perfect Business Name

Ideas on How to Pick a Perfect Business Name

If you have a start-up business, the most important thing you should consider is what name you should use for your business. You should pick a tag line that will grab people’s attention, a line that will stick in people’s mind once they hear it. I will show you in this article on how to come up with the good or the perfect name for your start-up business.


When naming your business, the first thing that should come to your mind is how your original business name. Originality is very essential in naming a business. The brand should stick in everyone’s head once they hear it. It should stand out from other businesses. As a start-up company, it is like your business card. It is the face of your company. You can use a keyword tool to give you inspiration for your business name. Use keywords that describe your company, it will give you an idea what brand to use. Don’t get into what is in today. Other businesses tend to follow the trend when naming their business. The problem with this is your company will be buried along with another company that has the same ideas as yours. There are websites today that offers business name generator services like Using these kinds of services can help you pick the right tag line for your brand and company.

Think ahead

If you are choosing a name for your company, always think of the future. Don’t pick a brand that will limit your business reach in case you have plans on expanding. Take, for example, you have a ladies wear business today, there will come a time that you will eventually crack the men’s wear market. You don’t want a girly business tag line selling men’s apparel, right? The best way to future-proof your business name is to choose a non-biased company brand regarding of age, gender or race. Always imagine your company 10 years from now. What road your company wants to take. Keep it short and simple. Don’t use unrelated words just to be edgy.

User-friendly names

It is important for a business name to be user-friendly. Choose a tag line that is easy to say, easy to spell and easy to search in Google. It doesn’t matter if it is a made-up word or a real word. In the digital world, spelling is not important. Most successful company brands don’t even make sense. Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, most of these don’t even have a meaning in the dictionary but they are very catchy and easy to remember. Choose a name that people can easily find. If people can’t find you on the internet, they might probably go to your competitor.

Do you love your company name?

If you don’t like it, don’t use it. Every business owner knows this. You don’t use a name that you don’t love. It’s like using something that you hate. It can be very uncomfortable for you to market your brand if you don’t like the brand. Make sure you are confident to carry it even in your sleep. I recommend taking time to brainstorming ideas and think over and over about your company Tag line. You only have one shot at naming your company. There’s a thin line between a failed business and a successful one. Re-branding can be very expensive and will cost you not only money but also time. So make sure the name you choose will be the only brand name you will ever use for your company.

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