How to find the best unlimited Internet plan

How to find the best unlimited Internet plan

We help you find the best unlimited Internet plan – and you can start by asking all the right questions.

It has become quite usual to have broadband for the house. Each of us has several digital devices – smartphones, laptops/tabs, smart fitness trackers, etc. Instead of having dongles and different data connections, you can have just one broadband connection to service them all.

Now that you are looking for the best unlimited Internet plan for your home, you should proceed by asking these questions[1]

* What kind of user am I?

This question is best answered by a few factors. These include the kind of Internet usage you have, how many people in your home are going to using the connection, do you require fast download speeds, etc. Typically, if you like to surf all day, download audio and video files, live stream sports matches, watch films, etc. then you are a heavy user of the Internet. The unlimited Internet plan that you use depends on the answers to these factors.

* Which Internet providers are the best?

There are several Internet providers who offer unlimited Internet plans[2]. These can range from mobile service providers to local area broadband providers. Check the company’s credentials, their services, plans, speeds (in mbps) being offered[3], and other benefits. Most companies have monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual plans. You can pay as per your preferred frequency, and then renew once the period is up. Look up a number of recommended service providers and their plans before you make your choice.

* Which add-on benefits do I get?

Some Internet and mobile service providers like Airtel offer benefits for a limited period of time, if you book a connection within a specified time window (refer to illustration alongside). These could include free installation of the broadband in your home, or additional free data per month. Other service providers could have benefits like a few free months of usage if you buy a limited edition unlimited broadband plan. Or there could be a discount on the rental for a few months. Or you could even get 3 GB data per day in certain plans. Check the full range of benefits being offered before you make your choice.

* How long is the installation process?

The service provider will have to visit your house, lay out wiring and fix the router for the connection. This typically takes a couple of days after you make the connection request, and about half a day for installation. You might need to work out how to lay the wiring if you don’t want it to be too visible, or if you have concealed electrical wiring in the rest of the home. After installation, the provider will set up the system for you. The unlimited Internet plan charges do not include the set up and installation charges.

Now that you have a clear direction for your search, you can find the best unlimited Internet plan for your home.




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