How good is your shopping app?

How good is your shopping app?

There are shopping apps galore, but are you sure you’re using the best one? Here’s a guide on knowing which is good and which isn’t.

Every person likes to acquire new things. A shiny new car, a new TV set for the bedroom, a gorgeous new dress for an office party, a new hamper of skin care products…the list is endless. New acquisitions gladden your heart and put a smile on your face. Your joy is multiplied when you can get your hands on something you really like and need.

This overriding need to buy new things is the base of what is popularly known as ‘retail therapy’. Shopping for new things – whether it is clothing or beauty products – puts you in a good mood. You can’t wait to start using your new purchases, and you bask in the many compliments you get for looking so great. But you must agree that your good mood is tempered by how easy it is to shop for the things you really love. This applies particularly to online shopping.

Most people depend heavily on online shopping apps to buy new things. You must have downloaded your preferred shopping apps on your phone, too. But just because you are used to a particular app does not necessarily mean that it is a great one. You could be compromising on many parameters – when there is really no need to!

Here’s what an ideal online shopping app should offer :

* An easy interface.

Many apps take a long time to load, and they keep reloading on their own every few minutes. This can interrupt your shopping experience, especially if you have already reached the checkout stage. The best online shopping apps load within mere seconds, and they have a clean layout that is easy to search. They transition easily from one product to another, or one page to the next, without any glitches to mar your shopping experience.

* It rewards you for shopping on that app.

Since you are spending hard cash on buying things, the shopping app must give you discounts and freebies on your purchases. Look for apps that have regular incentives on shopping, whether it is reduced rates, or limited period offers, or a free offering on buying above a certain limit, or even cashback offers.

* An honest, transparent selling process.

You are not likely to use apps that are less than transparent about the buying process . If you were to receive your purchase in a bad condition, or if the fabric or colours were not like the ones shown on the app, or if your exchange/refund request is not honoured, you will simply switch to another online shopping app. Also, the app must give you full details about the product you are considering – fabric, care instructions, sizes and colours available, scaled illustration demonstrating the product, etc.

* It saves your preferences.

The best online shopping apps store your favourites, wish lists and preferred items. Using this information, the app suggests new items for purchase so that you don’t waste time looking at a lot of things before finding what you really want. Shopping apps must also alert you the moment there is a sneak preview of new stock, or a new sale or offer coming up. Likewise, it must track your item delivery and alert you on the day that the purchase is likely to be delivered with a tracking ID. Basically, its job is to make the shopping process as interactive as possible.

Does your shopping app do all this?

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