Here is the To Do List for you Post Hair Transplantation Care

Here is the To Do List for you Post Hair Transplantation Care

If you wish to get a good hair transplant treatment at a great cost, then you should go for a hair transplant in Delhi. Being the capital of cosmetic surgery, the city offers great modern techniques that fit every patient’s needs. If you’ve already had a hair transplant, read the following post-op care to help ensure the best possible result for this procedure.

  1. Alcoholic beverages must not be consumed for three days post the procedure as it may thin the blood and induce bleeding.
  2. Refrain from exercising such as cycling or running, as well as activities such as baseball and golf for at least three days after the procedure. Such activity may result in loss of grafts, as well as severe inflammation around the forehead and eyes.
  3. Do not engage in any lifting or bend over for at least 48 hours post the surgery to avoid excessive swelling or bleeding.
  4. In occasional situations, minor bleeding may happen from one or more of the graft sections. This can be relieved by applying light pressure to the area with a clean wet cloth for 5 – 10 minutes, but be cautious to not disturb surrounding grafts.
  5. If swelling occurs, do not panic. it is painless and usually happens approximately 48-72 hours after the procedure. You can put ice packs on the swollen areas and it will subside within two to three days.
  6. It is good to sleep with your head and upper body elevated on numerous pillows for the first three to four days. This will prevent the swelling of your forehead. You can also try sleeping in a recliner with your head and upper body propped up for 48 hours.
  7. Do not disrupt or wash the grafts for 24 hours following the surgery. The next day, shower and clean your hair with shampoo by gently applying it to the grafted area as well as the donor site. It is advisable to use a good moisturising conditioner every day on the grafted sections as well as on the donor site.
  8. Gently clean the grafts with a towel or dressing pad after the shower as this will absorb any blood clots formed on or near the graft sites.
  9. If you use a blow dryer, use it on a cool setting for the first five days post the surgery. Warm air could cause minor bleeding at one or more of the grafted sites.
  10. The graft sections will form scabs in 24 to 72 hours post the surgery, and the scabs will eventually fall off within 3-10 days. As the scabs fall off, you may notice that hair is shed with them, which is normal. Do not scratch or pick the scabs as it can cause infection and risk the survival rate of the grafts.
  11. After a few weeks of your hair transplant, you may encounter ingrown hair. It will appear like a painless bump or a small pimple on either the recipient or donor areas. You can apply a warm washcloth or a cool compress to the area for 10 minutes three times a day.
  12. Swimming in water including chlorine is not advised and should be avoided for at least seven days post the surgery. Read more about the hair transplant surgery here

Hair transplantation surgery is a delicate procedure. Your ability to adhere to the following post hair transplantation guidelines is imperative to get optimal results. If you still have any complications post the surgery, it is best to contact your attending surgeon and discuss.

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