Hack Proof Your Smartphone with these simple tricks

Hack Proof Your Smartphone with these simple tricks

No matter how secure we feel saving our personal information in our gadgets, there is always a doubt lurking at the back of our minds on whether it is actually safe or not? Well, the truth depends from situation to situation and person to person. Primarily it depends on your awareness of what are the ways through which the hacker can extract your data. Once you know how to keep your phone protected from hacking attacks, you can reassure yourself of the data saved on your phone to be safe and secure. This article talks about hacks and prevention methods that will keep your confidential information safe from any malware and hacking attacks.

Think before you install any app

We have done it multiple times, but what we don’t realize every single time we download an app is the permissions that we are asked to grant for the app to access our files. In our excitement to use the app, we tend not to give much attention to this step. However, you should think before saying yes, as this information can be potentially abused. It is advisable to avoid downloading any app from unfamiliar websites as this creates a doorway for unreliable apps to infiltrate your phone.

Keep everything up to date

Updating a phone can be a tiresome job, yes, but it is extremely important to install software updates as soon as they become available and this is true not only for phones but for other devices like your computers as well. It is strongly advised not to use unofficial tools to root your phone especially when you are unaware of what you are doing. If you do root, all your technical safeguards can be very easily defeated which makes it easy for the app to perform all sorts of activities which are normally not allowed including snooping on your personal data.

Secure your phone against physical intrusion

If a thief gets access to your phone physically then they can cause a lot of trouble for you. Emails are where most of our personal information exists so it is always better to lock your phones with the systems that are available on your phones. We all are aware of entering passcodes and using the fingerprint sensor to successfully gain access to our phones. Very recently face-unlock method too made its way as one of the safest ways to unlock a phone. Many affordable phone brands like Panasonic India smartphones, Motorola and Xiaomi have joined this league too. So definitely opt for these phones next time you are on a lookout to buy one that has a lot of safe and secure unlocking systems.

Keep individual apps locked

Once you are done keeping your phone safe with security systems like passcodes, face recognition, and fingerprint sensor, it is also important to keep individual apps to be safe. That way even if someone steals our phone they won’t be able to enter our apps, hence securing our personal data like credit card information and confidential emails. There are many free apps that you can go for on the play store which can password-protect your documents and folders, reducing the amount of information a thief can access.

Plan ahead

Be prepared for if your phone gets stolen, you would know that your data is safe. One of the first options that you can go for is erasing the data when someone has tried your passcode a certain number of incorrect times. If not the above then you can also operate “find my device” option on your Android phone to locate your phone on the map.

Don’t leave online services unlocked
Even though auto-login is a convenient option in order to log in to various platforms, this can be a bad thing in terms of security option as well. An intruder simply needs to open your browser to gain access to all your online accounts.So avoid using this feature but even if you do, use a password manager app so that every time you try to log in, it asks for a master password. Also, avoid using the same password for all the apps because if the hacker is able to hack through that one password everything else will get easily accessible to him. So keep a different password for different apps.

Develop an alter ego

Not a major hack but definitely plays an important role in keeping your phone safe. Don’t ever use passwords that are about you, like your date of birth, hometown or your full name because this information can be easily extracted from social media platforms. Always develop an alter ego and accordingly decide your passwords.

We all know that stopping the usage of phones is not the answer to hackers or any malware. So it is always important to remain aware of methods that will keep your phone secure from any attacks. And the above mentioned preventive methods are bound to keep your information intact inside your phones.

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