Don’t Get Afraid Of Flu: Here Are Essential Oils For You

Don’t Get Afraid Of Flu: Here Are Essential Oils For You

Names that we are listening from the past few years that are making us afraid of like bird flu, swine flu and these are really getting more threatening. People are more attracting towards gathering information that how they can fight from flu. Every one of us has heard about the essential oils but when have you ever wondered what these essential oils can spice up your life and can prevent you from such flu and cold.

But according to the experts, it is being discovered that spice of life can be the essential oil blend of spices. If you want to be away from the bird flu then blend of spices means the oil that we are getting from them can help as the essential oil. Cannabis or the CBD oil is also magical oil that works well in fighting against the flu and the other viruses.

Here we are talking about the blend of spices like rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, and black cumin. These spices when blended to have the essential oil boost the immune system to fight against the flu and cold. When you blend the cinnamon, lemon, clove, and eucalyptus then it helps in killing the 99.9 percent of the airborne disease.

Here are some of the essential oils of the spice that works for the body to make it stronger to fight flu. When we talk about the single contribution of the spice EO then eucalyptus helps in open the lungs and to heal the body. Works well as the expectorant and decongestant and is also antiviral.

Eucalyptus, when rubbed on the chest, helps in losing the bronchial secretion out a cough so that it can be easily coughed and expelled out. Black cumin EO helps in strengthening the body from the base and helps in assisting the lungs. It also works well in draining the lymph and increases the bone marrow cells.

Peppermint EO strengthens the body and stimulates the white blood cells that fight against the infections, detoxifies and activates the lymph flow and drainage. But the question arises that how you can take these essential oils.

  • Diffuse– You can have the personal diffusers to protect yourself as while coming from work and if you are having kids at home then there can be various ways that the germs enter so diffusers work well to make the protective layer.
  • Soaking– You can use eucalyptus EO in the tub and add the Epsom salt in the hot water. This works well to detoxify.
  • Orally– One can have these essential oils with the honey mixed with it and take it orally with the warm water. You can have this spice of life with your daily diet.
  • Brushing Or Rubbing– These essential oils can also be taken in work by rubbing or brushing o the body like feet and hands. Some of the oils contain synthetics that can be harmful if taken orally.

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