Could Our Stars Deserve?

could stars deserve?

In the glorious world of the stars, it is also custom to make gifts. However, the presents offered are always magnificent, just like their recipients. Let us ask a little about how far this madness of grandeur for the stars is likely to go.

Yesterday, Nabilla unveiled the luxurious gifts of Thomas on Instagram . A ring and a necklace from Bulgari whose sum of prices exceeds 15 000 euros! Three weeks ago for Mother’s Day, it was Kanye West who offered a sumptuous gift to her sweetheart Kim Kardashian. Okay, we figured out … When you have a fortune, you spread it out! It is a bit of the cute catch of the stars that to show to the plebs, via social networks, that riches smile to them . If the celebrities just mentioned are capable of receiving such gifts, what can that give with others?

Let’s say for example that the couple Justin Bieber / Selena Gomez is reforming for the second time and that he has enough endurance to hold until Christmas. What do you think the young Canadian would offer to his Latina bomb? Selena could well deserve a jewel, a car, or even a villa! No fortune is too great to satisfy love. But is not it a little banal as present? At meltyBuzz, we think of a more original and consumable gift as a Christmas turkey filled with truffles , on a bed of foie gras marinated in Champagne and saffron , itself on a gold and diamond plate. All of course cooked by a chef of the first order with potatoes found in the temples of the Himalayas. The gift would not be complete without ” It is served by the President of the United States himself. It’s good kitch, very bad taste … But it’s like that.

Let’s say now that Madonna, we do not know why, gets a huge package by mail to her home. A package so big that it would cover his entire garden! So heavy and imposing that to preserve it before its opening, and even for its opening, it should spend all its fortune. Telling herself that this should be an exceptional gift, from the fire of God, she would almost be consoled for losing her fortune. When she finally discovered the content, she would realize that it was billions of photos and messages from her fans that would prove how much they love her. She who is of these stars who say every time her fans count more than anything, would she also be delighted!

Finally, let’s look at the couple who created so many waves at the time of its creation and which consists of Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez. Since the two bombs formalized their union last February, it was necessary that one of them make a gift to another. Afterwards, we do not really know which one of the two wears the pants, even if we lean more for Michelle (it is still a little more badass). Anyway, this morning, it was thought that the gift latina could make to the pretty blonde was to make her (indirectly) a child. If this information proved inaccurate, we still thought about what they could do: A mutual and sincere love, because there is nothing bigger as a gift ! Yeah … it ‘ An extraordinary fever, but if it can make happy, so much the better. Which of these gifts do you prefer?

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