Chief Digital Officer – The New Corporate Digital Leadership by Joseph Cianciotto

Joseph Cianciotto

Corporations have taken a big dive forward over the past decade by advancing or adding digital properties to its selection of assets so as to better leverage or expand its brand. Most of this has been under the extended accountability to the CDO or CMO or both. During this time, you have noticed the materialization of start-up competitors that have leaped past big corporations while the bigger companies just sit and watch.

Organization Management 

A CDO or Chief Digital Officer like Joseph Cianciotto is able to offer the insight as to how to best make-up an organization to sustain an e-business. A CDO should have run and/or built a start-up and have been caught up in a business start-up. Having such frame of position will permit the CDO to know what they require the organization structure to look like so as to achieve something and what they require to do to make the suitable changes. For instance, it is significant to re-evaluate matrix or functional designs and support more business unit-like designs. Additionally, it is significant to assess how product, technology and marketing are structured as well as the process within each.

Strength of Distribution 

The CDO can clearly benefit a larger company by leveraging its assets to obtain distribution. These days, there seems to be a middle ground between a CMO and CDO where the CMO is skilled at advertising and the CDO is skilled at technology advancement. Distribution mixes together both skills and is often disregarded. Large corporations spend too much money on media and advertising agencies when they could simply be deploying more web pages and creating partner associations to leverage strength of allocation.

Architecture – Information and Technology 

The ability to account for IA is a skill that requires to be accommodated for in marketing plans that is often disregarded. With respect to technology architecture, it is often disregarded how much larger companies are not properly set up to conduct an e-business – even nowadays. A chief digital officer should have the insight on how to best match strategy and resources with technology architecture.

A comprehension of the business potential of up-and-coming technologies, not just in isolation, but in influential combinations, can be very important to achieving the kind of alteration required to either lead or disrupt within any industry. CDOs can profit from technology backgrounds, but also need to bring or utilize skills as business-savvy innovators, strategists, and implementers to think about the art of the possible and essentially deliver results – something many forward-thinking CDOs have been doing for years.

With many organizations now three to five years into their digital transformation stratagems, the function of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) like Joseph Cianciotto has been quickly evolving and maturing alongside. What started as a responsibility close to that of the Chief Marketing Officer, with a focus on the digital customer know-how, has now evolved into something far-more unreserved – reaching into innovation, corporate strategy, technology and operations.

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