Murugan Temples Near Madurai

cab booking in Madurai

Madurai is known for its cultural legacy over the years and its rich historical past. Madurai has managed to preserve its cultural heritage and way back from 550 AD onwards, Madurai was always regarded as a thriving commercial cum cultural hub. The lotus esque construction of the famed city is another marvel indeed! In fact, Madurai has a distinct identity and flavour of its own. Being one of the country’s most ancient cities, it is now a bustling socio cultural melting pot, having been the famous capital in yester years,…

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What’s Make Wakatobi and Its Underwater Beauty worth Visit

Make Wakatobi and Its Underwater Beauty

Wakatobi and its underwater beauty is one of the best tourist attractions in Indonesia for you to visit when you have plans for travel or vacation. Visiting this tourist attraction must be very appropriate for those of you who like to enjoy underwater exploration. In here, there is an unimaginable underwater beauty waiting for you to explore. You just need to come to Wakatobi Island to be able to explore the most beautiful underwater world. Not only for those of you who love underwater exploration, is this place also recommended…

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Temple Towns near Delhi

The Ganges first enters the Northern Plains at Haridwar

The temple towns of North India have for centuries charted the dynamics of the region, watched many civilizations rise and fall, and birthed spiritual movements that define Indian culture today. Visit these charming sites, where rituals and architecture blend with the confluence of devotees, and get a glimpse into the soul of an old civilization. Mathura The birthplace of Lord Krishna and a historic hub of trade, Mathura has much to offer for the curious traveller. Explore narrow streets that crisscross amidst old structures, many with intricate carvings and designs…

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Top 5 Shockproof IPhone IPhone / IPhone 5 / 5S

Shockproof iPhone iPhone / iPhone 5 / 5S

Discover the comparison of iPhone 5 / 5S / SE shockproof shell . Which shockproof shell to choose for my iPhone 5 / 5S / SE? What is the best hard shell for iPhone 5 / 5S / SE? The dimensions of the new iPhone SE are identical with the iPhone 5 / 5S. The iPhone SE is the same size as the iPhone 5 / 5s (height: 123,8 mm width: 58,6 mm depth: 76 mm weight: 113g) This is why  a shockproof case for iPhone 5 / 5S will…

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