How To Choose A Perfect Stethoscope For Your Medical Profession?

Stethoscope with reflection

Let’s admit it – the stethoscope has to be perhaps among the most important and most popular instruments for those in the medical profession. For ages, this instrument has helped doctors do a physical analysis of patients and gauge any health problems. So, it makes a lot of sense to buy this essential instrument with care and evaluate its performance before committing to it. Further, a good stethoscope is not the one that just works, but it’s also one that makes auscultation a far better experience for doctors and patients…

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How To Combine Foods Daily For Good Health, Mistakes Not To Commit

Food combinations: how to combine foods daily for good health,

Nowadays, we eat more and more badly with adverse health consequences. Different diets claim to reduce health, but what about diet combinations? It is important to correctly associate food, that is to say to have a varied diet, to use the right foods on a daily basis so that they are digested and assimilated in an optimum way. If the digestion phase goes badly (insufficient chewing, meal too rich, enzymatic weakness, etc.), the assimilation will be disrupted. If digestion is too fast, the passage of food in the small intestine…

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Nuts, Almonds And Hazelnuts, Heart Trumps

Nuts, almonds

Walnuts are real concentrates of energy. In addition to being tasty, they prove to be potent antioxidants and thus help prevent cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. Almonds, Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachios, hazelnuts … Nuts are consumed all over the world and they are as tasty as their use is varied. Often shunned because they are fat and because they can cause allergies, nuts should be integrated into our diet as they are a real health benefit. Nuts, hazelnuts, almonds and tutti quanti: what is hidden under…

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Nuts: 20 Health Benefits and Healthy Nuts

Health Benefits and Healthy Nuts

1. Nuts: a promising food to reduce the risks of breast cancer According to a study conducted at the medical school of West Virginia’s Marshall University, it would be enough to eat 28 nut halves every day to reduce her risk of breast cancer . These health benefits and virtues are attributed to the richness of this nut in omega-3 acids , antioxidants and phytosterols. In this study, the researchers gave mice the equivalent of 60 g of nuts to humans. Compared to mice in the control group, they had…

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