Love the Idea of Learning but Don’t Have the Time?

learning institute

When it comes to learning as an adult, it can often be so difficult to manage a routine of adult life with a strict schedule set by a learning institute. So difficult that this barrier often causes many adults to give up on the idea of furthering their education. If this sounds like you, below is an article about the benefits of online learning as an adult via an online learning platform. You Don’t Have to Rush Working and attending school can work for many adults, but it may not…

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The Best Engineering Colleges In Jaipur Which Provide High Quality Education

best Engineering colleges in Jaipur

Becoming an engineer might be a dream for many students across the world but that path is very long and hard. The students need to slog for long hours and study numerous subjects in order to become a successful engineer. It starts with getting high grades, to participating in various practical experiments, to maintain a healthy social life, all this might sound very daunting. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Being one of the most lucrative careers one can opt for, engineering is a go to…

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Choosing the Right Engineering University in India – Tips to Choose right Engineering University

Best engineering university in India 

  There are a number of engineering colleges in India providing a wide range of courses. Most of the engineering universities are world popular and they offer advanced courses that also brings ample career opportunities for the candidates. With many top universities available, selecting the Best engineering university in India is quite challenging. However, the decision you make at the initial stage is very important than realizing at the later stage. To help you make the right decision, here follow a few useful tips to find the Top engineering university in India:…

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The objective: To ensure universal primary education

to ensure universal primary education

If most of the Millennium Development Goals have been set by 2015, the target of achieving gender parity should be reached ten years earlier – in recognition that equal access to education is the very foundation of all The other Objectives.Yet recent statistics show that for every 100 boys who do not go to school, there are 117 girls in the same situation. Until an equal number of girls and boys are enrolled in school, it will be impossible to accumulate the knowledge needed to eradicate poverty and hunger, fight…

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Understanding the Right to Education for Children

Right to Education for Children

Education is an essential right, which enables everyone to receive instruction and to develop in his or her social life. The right to education is vital to the economic, social and cultural development of all societies. Education: An Important Learning Education helps to acquire basic knowledge Education is the learning of various knowledge. It begins among the youngest through the acquisition of basic knowledge, that is to say literacy. At this stage, children learn to read and write through primary education and parenting. This is an essential step in enabling…

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