Best Tourist Places Which You Must Visit In Jaipur

Best Tourist Places Which You Must Visit In Jaipur

The capital of Rajasthan, the largest state in the country, Jaipur is all about its glorious history. It is also widely known as the “Pink City.” The name is derived from the fact that the erstwhile area of Jaipur which is now the area around the HawaMahal, was built of pink sandstone. The narrow streets, the colourful clothing, the lovely aromas bursting forth from the food, the vast number of palaces speak volumes of the deep rooted culture of the city. Here is an elaborate list of tourist places in Jaipur that you absolutely cannot miss.


First on the list is the postcard monument of Jaipur – HawaMahal – the palace of winds. It is a five-storeyed building made of pink sandstone and extends in the form of a honeycomb. The façade features a total of 953 intricately carved ‘Jharokas’ or windows. It is a known fact that the royals of the region were very protective of their women. Hence the windows were built in a way that the outsiders couldn’t catch a glimpse of the royal women but the women could look out through these windows into the streets. The windows also functioned as a ventilation system allowing for the circulation of air and keeping the palace cool even in the scorching heat of the summers of Rajasthan.

The City Palace Complex

It is when you visit the city palace that you realise how loaded the royals of the region actually were. The City Palace is an architectural marvel and a great example of the excellent craftsmanship that has gone into the construction of this complex. The architecture is a blend of Mughal, Rajput and European styles. Most part of the complex has been converted into a museum showcasing the lifestyle, paintings jewellery, armours etc. of the royal family. The intricate carving, floral designs and detailing that has gone into the construction of this place will leave you in awe. The most interesting part of this complex is the Chandra Mahal, the entry to which is 2500 INR, but is totally worth it. If you were marvelling at the carvings of the other parts of the complex, the carvings in here will leave you enchanted – for the walls of the ShobhaNivas are gilded. You have to see it to believe it.

The Amer Fort

Set atop a hill, overlooking Maota Lake is Jaipur’s most magnificent palace – the Amer Fort. History speaks through every wall of the Amer Fort and you can pretty much witness it comes alive at the sound and light show that takes place after evening. It is a huge complex of beautiful gardens, awe-inspiring palaces, and temples all spilling grandeur. Its grandeur largely comes from the artistic brilliance which is exhibited in the ivory, glass, and sandalwood artwork, the frescoes, and the latticed work in the different sections of the palace. You can explore the fort via an elephant ride.


JantarMantar literally translates as “calculation instrument.” The complex is a UNESCO world heritage site and basically a collection of sculptures for measuring time and to track astronomical events. Through these instruments, you can observe various astronomical position right from the ground. It is a true reflection of the ancient scientific genius. The largest instrument is the SamratYantra, which is used to tell time and is the largest sundial in the world.


It is an Elephant farm whose sole objective is the well-being of Elephants. Here you can get a chance to get up close with the giant creatures, wash them and even feed them. You can also learn about elephant decorating and their medication. You can also go for a joy ride and enjoy a lovely home-cooked Rajasthani style meal to complete a fun-filled experience.

Albert Museum

The museum is named after the then Prince of Wales, Albert Edward. With its splendid domes and intrinsically carved arches, the museum is another architectural marvel carved in pink sandstone. It is a haven for historians who get a good glance at the paintings, wooden and metal craft items, costumes, musical instruments, jewellery and weapons that the kings and various clans of the area used.


This ethnic Rajasthani village themed resort is one of the best tourist places in Jaipur to experience the true culture and spirit of the Rajasthani Folklore. You can enjoy puppet shows, folk dances, have a palm reader tell you your future and bask in the festivities of the place. All of this is topped by the most exquisite Rajasthani meal and they will feed you until you drop.

This is only a glimpse of what Jaipur has in store for tourists. There are so many more tourist places in Jaipur worth visiting and so much more culture to explore in this glorious yet humble city.

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