All That You Need To Know About Mini Split Systems

All That You Need To Know About Mini Split Systems

Nowadays ductless air conditioning systems are quite popular due to number of good reasons. They are called mini split systems and people can easily regulate temperature in different rooms without losing the cooling efficiency, as in case of inefficient ducting system. In this article, we shall provide you the relevant information about this system so that you can increase your awareness.

How does it work?

Mini split system consists of indoor and outdoor apparatus. The indoor apparatus consists of following three elements.

  • Air handlers
  • Blowers
  • Evaporator coil

Such indoor air handling unit is placed strategically in different locations of the house and also in ceilings for better energy efficiency.

The outdoor consist of compression and condensing unit that will apply pressure to refrigerant. It is then dispersed via lines connected to indoor apparatus. By placing it outside, the people inside will not be disturbed due to noise that gets generated in air conditioning system.

Many air conditioning companies including Voltas are marketing their mini split air conditioning systems.

Options available with mini split systems

In the conventional HVAC systems, we do not have enough option while configuring, and hence it is difficult to get better cooling effects. Here mini split system offers variety of configurations. Homeowners can easily customize their system as per their needs with following options.

  • Heat pump

You can get additional heating capabilities with heat pump which can transfer heat from one place to other. It also consists of reversing valve so that you can change the direction of heat flow.

  • Single zone/multi zone condenser unit

Both outdoor and indoor condenser units must be connected and single zone unit can heat any room while multi zone unit can occupy in number of rooms.

  • Ceiling cassette

In a location where there is space constraint, ceiling cassette is the right option for there. In the ceiling fan coils are fitted and air is dispensed via exposed grille.

  • Wall unit

Temperature adjustment will be done with this device so that homeowner will get the option to cool any specific area of the room.

Very soon inverter technology will also be incorporated so that you can also make significant energy saving while using in during summer months.

What are its common applications?

This kind of mini split can provide you very good options in number of situations at home. In case you are planning to expand your house or renovating your old home, then this system will prove to be very useful. In case the existing cooling system is inadequate in your house, then by using mini split system, you can make your environment more comfortable.

For big houses, you may need supplemental cooling facility. In case your house has got smaller central system and expansion is little difficult, because of the layout of the house, then mini split system is the ideal solution. Particularly in basement or garages, if you are interested to provide cool air, then without using any ducting line then it is possible. In newly built house you can install it in planned manner to achieve lots of saving in energy bills.

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