All Practical Points Of Renewal Of An Old House

renewal of an old house

Who has never wanted to renovate an old house? Buying an old farm or a house in poor condition to renovate it from A to Z is a beautiful way to appropriate a living space, while making a real estate value. But beware: the renovation of an old house is not addressed to anyone, and requires many works. Need tips to tackle such a life project? We’re here for that!

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Why seek to renovate an old house?

Rehabilitating an old house is far from a bad idea. Each year, many owners embark on the purchase and renovation of an old house.

Why rehabilitate an old house?

It must be said that refurbishing a farm or a house abandoned has many advantages:

  • Old houses often have more charm and “soul” than new houses.
  • Renovation work is often faster than building a house.
  • Rehabilitation is a way of appropriating a home for you without having to build it.
  • In some cases, renovating an old house allows you to have a single property at a rate that can be very advantageous.

Sometimes rehabilitating an old house may be the only way to enjoy the home you dream of. So it’s a very interesting project.

The limitations of such a renovation project

Nevertheless, let us recall from the outset that the complete renovation of a house is far from easy ! One should not idealize things or consider that renovating an old building is going to be done in a simple and fast way.

Here are some disadvantages that it is good to know before buying a house to renovate:

  • The price of complete renovation of a house can be very high, especially if you do not do any of the work. The renovation is therefore not always less expensive than the purchase of a house in good condition, and it is sometimes even the opposite!
  • It may be difficult to calculate the refurbishment budget for an old building. It is therefore a project to be prepared with great attention.
  • Renovating your home alone can take time. Your real estate purchase may not be habitable for several months.
  • The idea of ​​renovating a house for resale is often quite risky, and very framed, and therefore not a safe investment.

If you are dreaming of buying an old building to renovate, it is still best to inform you about this type of work. Our advice is there to help you better understand this type of situation.

Renovation of an old house: where to start?

When buying a property to restore, it is important to make your choice of home with care .

It should be understood that the term “home renovation” may include a large number of different jobs. The more the house to be restored is dilapidated, the more it will cost and time to refurbish it.

It is therefore necessary to take the time to properly determine your project, and to find THE house to be rehabilitated that interests you. Your project will start with the following steps:

1) Determine which property to restore you are interested in

In the first place, and before you even visit real estate for sale, you will have to specify your renovation project .

Different questions are to be asked when trying to renovate a real estate for sale:

  • What is your total budget (both for the purchase of the house and for its renovation)?
  • What are your home renovation skills?
  • Which works do you want to implement (masonry, framing, insulation, interior fittings, etc.)?

It must be understood that renovating a farm in ruins has nothing to do with remodeling a tired house. Steps such as the electrical renovation of a house or the renovation of the frame can quickly double or triple your renovation budget.

The more property you buy is in poor condition, and the more you are going to have to incur costs, skill and time to restore it.

2) Diagnose a house to be renovated

It seems good to specify in this article that the purchase of a property to be renovated is not always an interesting financial calculation compared to the purchase of a habitable house .

Therefore, it is better not to buy any property to renovate, even if its purchase price seems advantageous.

It is essential to properly diagnose the house for sale, and to check in particular:

  • The condition of the roof and timber,
  • The condition of the masonry and foundations (attention to facade cracks, which may involve foundations in poor condition),
  • The condition of the plumbing and electrical installations,
  • Moisture in the house (a damp house may result in significant sanitation costs),
  • The state of the partitions and interior fittings,
  • The insulation of the property,
  • Joinery (doors and windows),
  • Floor coverings.

In the case of a building in ruins: first check that the land is buildable and that the house is connected to electricity and water. Also ask the town hall about the steps to be taken for rehabilitation.

Our advice: if you are not familiar with renovation work, you should be accompanied by a specialist when visiting a farm to be renovated or a house in poor condition . An individual too often tends to underestimate the extent of the work (and hence their budget).

The best remains to prepare the rehabilitation of a house with an architect, but it is obvious that this will have some impact on your total budget.

Important: In addition to the diagnosis of the home, also check your rights and duties regarding renovation. For example, a house located in a protected area will require the services of an architect of the buildings of France for its renovation (implying additional costs).

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3) Budgeting the renovation of an old house

If you have correctly diagnosed a house to renovate, it is imperative to budget your project before the purchase.

You should know that the price of renovation of an old house can exceed 1000 euros of m² , without even counting the cost of the house itself.

The renovation budget for an old house is the sum of the purchase cost of the property, the cost of materials for the renovation and the price of labor for the work.

The precision of your budget depends primarily on the quality of your home diagnosis and the renovations to start. Do not hesitate to ask for different home renovation quotes if you want to make accurate estimates.

Our site allows you to receive many free quotes without obligation for all the refurbishment work of a house.

For security reasons, you should always have some room for maneuver in terms of budget. Do not forget that renovating an old house always has surprises (and not always good!), And that it is therefore preferable that you have a comfortable budget to react in case of unexpected.

To know: you can possibly seek to ask for help for the renovation of a house ( subject tackled here ), but keep in mind that these aids are rarely granted to a new owner. Moreover, it is better not to include these aids in your budget, unless you are 100% sure that you will be able to collect them.

Buying a home to renovate: what type of property to choose?

Looking for a property to renovate, but are not sure how to choose the house to buy?

In this case, we invite you to consult this video of 5 minutes, through which a renovation expert gives you the best advice to choose a property to restore:

In summary: Never forget to be careful about the condition of the foundations, the moisture in the house as well as the quality of the framing. These are three elements that could greatly increase the price of renovation of an old house.

Steps to renovate an old building

Once you have found the ideal property to renovate, it remains to prepare all the work to refurbish it.

It is important to plan your work carefully, especially to know when the house will be habitable . This is sometimes necessary to calculate your budget because a non-habitable house will incur additional housing costs throughout the construction period.

As a reminder, renovating an old house generally involves the following steps:

  • Renovation of the main building and renovation of the house,
  • Renovation of the roof structure and roof,
  • Renovation of plumbing and electrical installation,
  • Insulation of the old house,
  • Paints and coatings (floor and wall),
  • Interior fittings and decoration.

If these few points seem simple, they can represent several months, even several years of work!

The more the house you buy is in good condition, and the fewer renovations. It is up to you to find the ideal balance between the purchase price of the property to be renovated and the extent of the refurbishment work.

We invite you to consult this page of Travaux Avenue , which clearly details all the steps necessary to renovate an old house, if you want to know more about the progress of the works.

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