2019 Ford F-250: An Expert Review

2019 Ford F-250: An Expert Review

2019 Ford F-350SD is one of those the Super Duty trucks that can be held as the leader of these ultra-competitive class of trucks and are popular for being able to tow the heaviest, hold the bulkiest, and get noticed by all when it trails down the road with its massive disposition and dignified roll. With thelatest tech installed, 2019 Ford F-350SD has got many reasons to top the list of its class of vehicles.

The Power train

As per the Brookhaven Ford dealer, for all its super duty truckslineup including F-250, Ford has consistently gone for the6.2-liter gasoline V8 engine that can produce a 385 of horsepower and a torque of 430 pound-feet.The other option isa turbocharged 6.7-liter diesel V8 engine which too can impress with its 450 hp and a torque of 935 lb-ft. Both the engines are clubbed with respective six-speed automatic transmissions. While in this truck, the rear-wheel drive is made standard, one can opt for the four-wheel as well.

Safety Features

A truck like F-250 that takes up the burden to the maximum level cannot afford to play low on safety measures. Thus in this super duty truck, you find a lengthy array of latest safety features among which a stability control, Anti-lock brakes, Front- Side-and Overhead impact airbags are only to name a few.

Hauling Capacity

The Ford F-250 is a super duty truck that is dedicated to accommodating stuff, be it small or big. Hence the cabin has excellent small-item storage in a large center console, a selectable four-way cupholder or a two-way cupholder, a smaller forward storage pocketand a storage bin.

For big items the F-250 gives you a large 6.8-foot bed which is easier to navigate. The tailgate step makes loading, unloading, getting in out of the bed easierfor all. Inside, there is a 60/40-split that folds up near the rear seat bottoms,openingto a cargo zone as wide as a cabin.

Child Safety Seat Accommodation

The rear seat of the F-250 offers positions for three child safety seats with lower anchor Latches that are easy-to-interface. The top LATCH anchors on the other side have nylon loops that are placed over the top of the seats as well as under the headrests.

Handling and Driving Impressions

The F-250 has surprisingly good turns, that works best around the town, while the transmission upshifts are quite prompt and smooth. The Brookhaven Ford dealer says, that the powertrain response might lag a bit at times, but one should be ready to get it from this large a turbodiesel vehicle. When running empty, the downshifts go smoothand fast as expected. With a full tow weight, the tow-haul mode brings all the excessive shifts under its control.

Ride Comfort

The F-250 Super Duty Truck runs all its rides with comfort in every stage, whether it is loaded or unloaded. This truck is a friendly companion for every kind of road-trips, whether it rolls on concrete slabs or undulated off road surfaces.

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