Renovation Of An Old House: The Best Ideas

Renovation of an old house:

If you want to renovate an old house or a decatiated apartment to optimize the space and put that housing back to the standards of comfort of today, here are our 5 tips for a simple and effective renovation. The first step in the renovation process is not to go head-on, to move into a new location, or simply to modernize housing for a long time. In particular, it is important to know how to take the time so as not to be mistaken and to tie up the various…

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Complete Renovation Of a House: All The Steps Required for a Successful Project

Complete renovation of a house:

It is obvious that renovating a house is less tricky than building a new one. However, never underestimate the difficulty of such a project. Depending on the initial condition of the house, a complete renovation can take several months and require the use of many specialists. Two schools then clash: The use of craftsmen, The self-construction. Trust professionals There is a whole range of construction professionals who can guide you and accompany you in the refurbishment of a house: Architect, Artisans all body of state, masons, Plumbers, Electric Painters and…

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Cost Of A Home Renovation

Cost of a home

Why renovate a real estate: because it allows us to buy cheaper! The property will cost about 30% cheaper can be, we got home to 188 000 €, a house without works of the same size costs about (in the same town of course) about 230 000 € minimum! But beware the house is cheaper, but it will be necessary to add the cost of the works. We find on the forums estimates of the order of 100 € per square meter for certain, 500 € per square meter for…

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