Tips to Kill Monotony While Waiting at Mumbai’s T2 Airport

American Airlines

  Tired of waiting for the arrival of the American Airlines flight because you arrived too early? This could be a bummer as spending time at the airport could be quite boring at times. Moreover, it tends to be more frustrating when you are alone and do not want to just stick up with mobile doodling! Mumbai’s T2 Airport receives and sends international flights, including Mumbai to Port Blair flights. So, generally this terminal witnesses international travelers coming to and forth for their overseas travel, business tours, etc. If you…

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The objective: To ensure universal primary education

to ensure universal primary education

If most of the Millennium Development Goals have been set by 2015, the target of achieving gender parity should be reached ten years earlier – in recognition that equal access to education is the very foundation of all The other Objectives.Yet recent statistics show that for every 100 boys who do not go to school, there are 117 girls in the same situation. Until an equal number of girls and boys are enrolled in school, it will be impossible to accumulate the knowledge needed to eradicate poverty and hunger, fight…

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Could Our Stars Deserve?

could stars deserve?

In the glorious world of the stars, it is also custom to make gifts. However, the presents offered are always magnificent, just like their recipients. Let us ask a little about how far this madness of grandeur for the stars is likely to go. Yesterday, Nabilla unveiled the luxurious gifts of Thomas on Instagram . A ring and a necklace from Bulgari whose sum of prices exceeds 15 000 euros! Three weeks ago for Mother’s Day, it was Kanye West who offered a sumptuous gift to her sweetheart Kim Kardashian….

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Understanding the Right to Education for Children

Right to Education for Children

Education is an essential right, which enables everyone to receive instruction and to develop in his or her social life. The right to education is vital to the economic, social and cultural development of all societies. Education: An Important Learning Education helps to acquire basic knowledge Education is the learning of various knowledge. It begins among the youngest through the acquisition of basic knowledge, that is to say literacy. At this stage, children learn to read and write through primary education and parenting. This is an essential step in enabling…

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